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Our mission is to innovate clients through our services allowing them to be best positioned for success. Our vision is to help clients engage the marketplace in ways that align their aspirations with those of their target audience. Our values consist in placing our clients, providers and audiences at the highest level of esteem while never  compromising follow through.

The excitement behind audiences' interests today inspires us to market, position and promote. We believe that connecting with our clients involves engaging their audience and fostering confidence. It establishes a lasting impression. Our clients' success is how we define our own.  That is why we carry ourselves with ambition, integrity  and professionalism.



Now is the time when boldness charters new opportunities and pursuit meets realization. Setting an idea in motion: That is innovation. We are a Marketer of People, Products and Services specializing in Consulting, Digital Marketing, Industry & Market Analysis, Professional Resources and Public Relations. Our talent is comprised of experts among the best in the industry dedicated in helping clients maximize the audience experience.

Meeting your needs in ever-changing environments is our main objective.  Partnering and working with you are central for us to help achieve your goals and expand your reach. Doing things right the first time is critical. We understand that efficiency, time and realization are invaluable. It starts by us listening. How do we differentiate ourselves? By embracing and putting into action the AFS Marketers mantra, Innovating You Today™.

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